About Period OKC  

Period OKC is a volunteer driven nonprofit with a simple mission- provide free menstrual products to people.

We collect monetary donations and period products that we give to local aid agencies, schools, or anywhere that menstruators need supplies. 

Period OKC dedicated to serving all who menstruate which includes trans men, non-binary people, and women and girls. We use gender neutral language and branding and we give our support to all people in need. The volunteers of Period OKC are not trained in social work or medicine, our goal is to provide the people in our community that are actively helping others with period supplies for their clients or students. The donations we give are thoughtfully prepared to suit the unique needs of each facility based on their clients needs. 

Period OKC has donated over 40,000 period products to 18 schools and 26 aid organizations in central Oklahoma since March 2021.

The Period OKC Foundation is a nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible.